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Hello, We are BigBen.
Established 1971 – Pakistan.


Late Haji Abdul Razzak Godil initiated the Hosiery business in 1947, with a vision of manufacturing quality innerwear that caters the society at large. With an experience spread over an era of 2 decades in the field of hosiery; the founder coined the name Big Ben to continue with the vision. In a span of six decades, Big Ben has shaped its destiny in the hosiery market; making sure it never compromises on quality, regardless of the circumstances.

At a Glance:


Manufacturing quality innerwear.



Expanding gradually, without making any compromises on the quality that our customers have loved for the last 6 decades.

Core principles.

Why BigBen?

Because comfort lies in quality, and Big Ben has established its mark as the premium provider of quality innerwear since 1972. With its core principal as “quality over anything”, Big Ben perfectly knits the blend of comfort in quality by ensuring all its operations take place within the company grounds. The yarn that enters the mill only leaves the building once it has taken the shape of the finest innerwear available anywhere in the market. This makes the products fit the customers so perfectly, that there is no space left for discomfort in between.

If you are not passionate about something, you might as well just quit straight away. This is exactly what drives the vision here at Big ben! We are passionate enough to produce the finest innewear, yet we are equally passionate to sell this passion to you!

Perfection is nothing without consistency. Here at Big Ben, we strive hard to combine both in the form of diligence. This diligence has helped us maintain our quality standards for over four decades; and we surely have no plans of stopping just here!

Every piece at Big Ben is treated as an individual. This is exactly what allows each piece to attain the ultimate levels of precision. The precision that has helped Big Ben become the most comfortable name in the world of Innerwears!

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